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The Sacred Story
Ảnh bìa Ryori
Biểu tượng
Tác giả VILA
Ca sĩ Không có
Độ dài 3:57
BPM 158
Cấp độ Số nốt
4 535
9 1197

VideoSửa đổi

The Sacred Story - VILA - Vietsub

The Sacred Story - VILA - Vietsub

Lời bài hátSửa đổi

The Sacred Story.
Taken from the Oracles.
Olympians gather!
Titans gather!
The stage is set!
A larger than life experience.
A monumental happening.
Now muster this!

The Kraken has awoken. 
The Chimera have ascended. 
Cerberus will ride with Medusa. 
And cyclopses have gathered an army. 
Is the world ready for this? 
Are you prepared? 
Evil has united.
Will the Gods abandon us? 

Apollo has spoken. 
Poseidon has risen. 
The collision of entities is bound to happen. 
But one will intervene. 
Can he defend? 
And stand his ground, 
Retain hope, 
And fulfill his destiny?

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