Deemo collection VI Chế độ Cấp độ Số nốt
Dễ 1 323
Thường 5 609
Khó 8 855
BPM 138

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Deemo - Rosetta - Collection 4

Deemo - Rosetta - Collection 4

Lời bài hátSửa đổi

Lively, lively
My little angel
Follow me, follow me
We'll have great discoveries
Find a future
Find a land of dreams
Find a heaven
Find a home that won't leave you

No matter how long you've been lost
Pursuit, pursuit
Don't ever give in
For everyone everywhere everything will betray your innocent heart

All of them
All of them
Soon will be rotten
Vile, vile
Shield yourself
Mind my words
Don't let yourself corrupt

Run, Run
Search, search
Don't look back
It's not where you belong to

Everything to us
Just you and I
Just you and I
Not a thing for us
Just you and I
Just you and I

Lonely, lonely
Come back to me

No-one nowhere nothing will take anything anything anything from me
Nobody nobody nobody ever
Nobody nobody nobody other than you

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