Peach Lady
Yuk-cheung Chun, Trevor Lin feat. Silvia Su

Peach Lady
Deemo collection IV Chế độ Cấp độ Số nốt
Dễ 2 246
Thường 5 498
Khó 9 662
BPM 167

VideoSửa đổi

Deemo - Peach Lady

Deemo - Peach Lady

Lời bài hátSửa đổi

Peach Lady
Take a peek, you're looking at me.
Come to get me, you know I want you badly.

Peach Lady
Don't hesitate, keep moving close to me.
You will know…
My lips' tasty like candy.
Oh yesterday… yes I do, yes I do, I feel real love.
Umm~never sour……

Oh! Peach Lady
Hey Boy!
I know you looking at me
Not a game
Just both of us
Come fall in love with me

Peach Lady
Uh huh Uh huh…Uh huh…
The way you're moving and dancing
Every moment
Boy! you coming to…

(Peach Lady)
(I drive you crazy…)
(Peach Lady)
(I got you…)

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